City Council Minutes 09-20-2022

CITY OF LANARK           September 20, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER/ROLL CALL-Lanark City Council met in regular session at the Lanark City Hall at 7 p.m. Roll call taken by Marilyn Heller, City Clerk, showed Alderpersons present were Lance Leverton, Haley Grim, Brad Knutti, Mark Macomber, and Lynn Collins. Alderperson Weston Burkholder was absent.
Mayor Ken Viglietta was present and presiding.
Others present were: Attorney Ed Mitchell, Chief Mat Magill, Maintenance Manager Jason Alvarado, Treasurer Jodi Diffenderfer, and Clerk Marilyn Heller.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE-was led by Alderperson Lance Leverton.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES-MOTION-was made by Alderperson Mark Macomber and seconded by Alderperson Lynn Collins to accept the minutes of the September 6, 2022 meeting as presented with one correction to a name title. Motion carried by 4 aye votes and 2 abstains. Aye votes: Alderpersons Brad Knutti, Mark Macomber, Lynn Collins and Mayor Ken Viglietta. Abstain votes: Alderpersons Lance Leverton and Haley Grim. Alderperson Weston Burkholder was absent.


APPOINT NEW TREASURER – ACTION REQUIRED – A Motion was made by Alderperson Brad Knutti and seconded by Alderperson Haley Grim to swear in Jodi Diffenderfer as the Lanark Treasurer. Motion carried by 5 aye votes. Aye votes: Alderpersons Lance Leverton, Haley Grim, Brad Knutti, Mark Macomber, and Lynn Collins. Alderperson Weston Burkholder was absent. Attorney Ed Mitchell then swore in the new treasurer Jodi Diffenderfer.

REVIEW EXECUTIVE SESSION MINUTES – POSSIBLE ACTION – Clerk presented the executive minutes from the beginning of this year to the council. The council discussed all executive minutes cover items that are still being discussed. A Motion was made by Alderperson Mark Macomber and seconded by Alderperson Lynn Collins to keep the executive minutes sealed and confidential from Jan 1, 2022 to present. Motion carried by 5aye votes. Aye votes: Alderpersons Lance Leverton, Haley Grim, Brad Knutti, Mark Macomber, and Lynn Collins. Alderperson Weston Burkholder was absent.


REPORTS-EMPLOYEES, ATTORNEY, CLERK, TREASURER, ALDERPERSONS AND MAYOR- Maintenance Manager Jason – Jason shared that he will be getting a date for water licensing
testing in 2023 as Rockford testing has been canceling due to covid backing them up. They are making license renewals the priority over new licenses. He could get into the Springfield testing but would prefer to wait for Rockford and will be able to train until they with Rob. Also, Rob Knoup’s water operator contract will need to be renewed and sent in. There have been 269 lead surveys returned and there have been between 30 and 40 maintenances has checked themselves. Lastly 106 W. Lanark Ave. was checked and water was on so Jason turned off as their account is listed as shut off in May of 2019. Jason ordered a lock to place on the shut off valve to prevent the homeowners from turning it back on themselves again. Clerk shared that they home owners are aware of their large outstanding balance that will need to be paid before turning the water back on. Chief Magill – will have ordinance violation sheet at next meeting. McCarthy has been notified of violations on the Shrader building. Alderperson Mark asked about the Westside Alley and Alderperson Brad shared that all is well with property owners. Clerk read aloud the formal complaint from Mr. Rogers on the blight property 524 E. Pearl St. Attorney Ed Mitchell will be working on this property. Alderperson Mark asked on update on FFA signs. Chief Magill is working on getting the signs. Alderperson Brad thanked maintenance for picking up the squirrel and for the Farewell Lunch for Donalee. Alderperson Haley – Oct 15th Fall Festival at the park from 11 – 4pm. Oct. 22 is Haunted Park from 7 – 10pm and is bigger than last year. This week is Eastland Homecoming and the parade is Thursday at 5pm. Clerk – Petitions are now available for the April 4, 2024 election including Alderperson for all three wards and city clerk. Alderperson Lance made an official announcement that he will not be running. Clerk attended the NW Illinois Economic Development Lunch in Savanna with Mayor Ken on September 8th and has information available for new businesses looking for grants or free assistance on starting up their new business. Mayor Ken The new manager of Dave’s Place, Jacqui, came in to introduce herself and to add a 6th gaming terminal. Lastly Lanark will be hosting the Carroll County Mayors Meeting at the Heritage Center on Oct. 6th, 2022 to and will be discussing problems with police staffing the Carroll County Sheriff. Treasurer Jodi – Oct. 18th Dan from Lucas Group will be here to discuss the audit.

ADJOURNMENT-MOTION-was made by Alderperson Haley Grim and seconded by Alderperson Mark Macomber to adjourn at 7:55 p.m. Motion carried by 5 aye votes.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Heller, City Clerk

Spring Leaf Pick-Up Info!


To: City of Lanark (Changes Have Been Made)

From: City Maintenance Department

Date: 2-24-22

RE: Spring Leaf pick-up


This information supersedes any previously published instructions prior to the dates listed on this form.

NEWPlease help us by placing your leaves on the edge of the parkway/yard, rather than out in the street.

The Maintenance Department will begin its Spring 2022 leaf pick up every Tuesday of the month starting Tuesday, April 4th, 2022 through Tuesday, April 26, 2022. If for some reason we have a late winter, we will adjust our schedule. Please call or visit the City’s Website or Maintenance Facebook page for any changes. Any leaves placed at the curb before or after the dates listed above, will be the responsibility of the resident to discard. This includes any bullet point listed below that are not fixed prior to the dates listed above.


Please note:

  • Leaves must be placed in a continuous row at the parkway.
  • Only leaves are accepted. Please do not place grass clippings, yard waste sticks, rocks, trash, or any other foreign objects. These items can damage the collection equipment. If such waste is placed on the parkway, city crew will refuse collection until the matter is taken care of.
  • Do not park vehicles, trailers, semis, or any other piece of equipment/vehicle on or immediately next to the leaf pile.
  • Leaves will not be picked up in alleys with the exception of Willow Alley, Huggins Ln. & Prairie Alley
  • Please do not cover storm sewer grate with leaves.

The city has a spot located by the sewer plant where yard waste may be disposed of. Contact the Maintenance office for instructions at 815-493-6832

City Council Ordinance Committee Mtg 08-12-2021

Lanark City Council Ordinance Committee Meeting

August 12, 2021

City Council Chambers 7:00 PM



Meeting called to Order

Discussion of New Cemetery Ordinance

City Council

Cemetery Board

City Maintenance

Public Comment

Committee Consideration of Ordinance—Possible Action