Check Out These Events Coming Soon in Lanark!

The following list of upcoming events in Lanark is brought to you by the “Celebrate Lanark Committee”

Christmas-Themed Downtown Planters–November 25th

Lanark’s Celebrate Lanark Committee is challenging everyone to guess which Christmas movie is depicted by each of the decorated planters in downtown Lanark. See if you are right when answers are posted on Celebrate Lanark’s Facebook page.

Light Up Lanark 2021–Judging December 10th

Light Up Lanark was so popular last year that the Celebrate Lanark Committee is bringing it back. Residents are asked to spread joy and make Lanark shine with your holiday decorations. Again, the town will be divided into quadrants along Broad Street and the railroad tracks; one winner will be chosen from each quadrant. The committee will surprise Lanark residents who display extra cheer with holiday-themed prizes, so be sure your lights are shining brightly by December 10th.

Breakfast With The Grinch–December 11th

The Grinch returns for breakfast at the Heritage Center on Saturday, December 11, courtesy of the Celebrate Lanark Committee. Watch for registration forms. Please keep in mind that this event is best suited to kiddies up through third grade, with their parents.

For more information please contact Denise Krysiak, Coordinator; Celebrate Lanark Committee;; 515-493-2175

Inoperable Vehicle Enforcement Notice

Notice to all owners of inoperable/unlicensed vehicles in the City of Lanark:

After a relaxation period due to COVID-19 restrictions and financial impacts, it has been determined that reinstating enforcement of many of our City Codes and Ordinances that have been set-aside is now required. Vehicles that are not currently registered (Expired Sticker) will be tagged, owners notified, and if the vehicle is not removed or the registration brought current, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. There may also be an associated fine imposed upon the owner as well.

So, *please* get your vehicle registrations up to date and remove any vehicles that are inoperative from your property, or place them inside a garage. Simply moving them into your yard does not satisfy the requirements of the Ordinance. Any questions, please call the Police Department at 815.493.6931

Thank you!

New Medicare Fraud Scam-Beware!

A new “spin” on the scam scene is making itself known in the area, and it is targeting Medicare this time.

The Lanark Police Department received two reports within the last week from people who have received a phone call from a person representing themselves to be with either Social Security or Medicare. According to Chief Matt Magill, the scam usually starts with a series of questions from the caller which is designed to make the call seem legitimate. The scammer says the call is about doing a “Medicare Home Assessment”, and may say it is because of COVID-19 that they are “doing this by telephone now”.

After some of the questions, the scam caller will mention some information that is on the victim’s Medicare Card, but not specifically ask any question. The caller will say “The bottom corner has a number on it that is your ID number”, and then pauses. If the victim is not being careful, they will then read the number off, which is exactly what the scammer wants to hear.

Remember, NEVER give out personal information over the phone, EVER! Chief Magill reminds us that the IRS, Social Security, or other agencies will NEVER ask for such information over the phone. If you receive a call such as this, simply hang-up. Don’t say anything, or try to out-smart the caller. Just hang-up, it is always your best move!