Message From the Mayor’s Desk

Thanks to our city clerk, billing clerk and treasurer, city hall continues to function at a high level, without face to face contact with the public.

Our maintenance department and police continue to keep Lanark clean and safe.

Our sewer plant upgrades project remains on schedule.

Financially, the city is in good shape.

Kim Hunter and myself as well as Chief Magill are on the Governor’s conference calls on Tuesdays and Fridays. The council receives updates from these calls.

Hopefully, the next months will start to see our businesses reopen.

Stay safe.

Mayor Ken Viglietta 

Bulky Waste Pickup Day to be Rescheduled

The previously scheduled city-wide bulky waste pickup day that was set for April 25th will not take place until a later date.

At the request of the waste hauler, there will be a new date selected for the bulky waste pickup service. Restrictions put in place, even on the trash haulers, have required them to move the date on down the calendar. As soon as we are advised of the new date, it will be published. Thanks for your understanding for yet another inconvenience, but we hope you agree the safety of the workers is priority number 1.

Important Notice for City Services


The City of Lanark, in response to both the Federal and State emergency declarations and in following a set of best-practices for such an event, has made the following changes:

Effective immediately, the Lanark City Hall, the Lanark Public Library, the Heritage Center and the Police Department Offices are closed to the public. City Hall will be staffed during normal business hours, and will be available by phone. Water bills may be paid online on this website, or you may pay by phone with the City Hall staff. Maintenance Crew services will continue as normal, but without public access to the building.

The Police Department will respond to certain types of calls by telephone only. An officer will contact you and get the required information for a report and investigation as appropriate. Please understand this helps protect not only the officer, but you the caller and your household as well. As first responders, the officers are routinely exposed to potential illnesses and disease, and we feel limiting their contact at your residence is a logical safeguard for all involved, while still providing you with the services  you need. In any case of emergency, an officer will be coming to your aid immediately.

We ask for your cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented event, and look forward to resuming normal operations as soon as conditions and directives from health experts allows.


Leaf Pick-Up to Begin March 24th 2020

Leaf pick-up is being conducted by the Maintenance Crew every Tuesday of the month.

Remember to put the leaves in a continuous row and not placed in a big pile.

Only leaves are accepted. Do not place sticks, grass clippings, rocks, lumber, trash or any other foreign objects. These items can damage the collection equipment. If such waste is placed curbside, city crew will refuse collection until the matter is taken care of.

Do not park vehicles, trailers, semis, or any other piece of equipment/vehicle on or immediately next to the leaf pile.

Please do not cover the storm drains, and do not park vehicles on or immediately next to your leaf pile.

Watch this post for any changes regarding leaf pick up.

Important Reminder About Brush Pickup

Reminder! The City will no longer accept large piles of brush or tree trimmings. All brush must be able to fit into the large 55 gallon plastic trash cans, and not weigh more than 50 Lbs. Multiple cans ARE allowed. If you have brush that exceeds these limits, please contact the Maintenance Department for further instructions on how to dispose of the brush. 815-493-6832

DO NOT place any stumps, roots, landscape material, lumber, firewood, or other foreign objects in the cans. The City has a location for you to discard these items near the front gate of the Sewer Plant. Please notice the signs in that location to direct you where to place your items.

Important Notice on IRS Phone Scam!

Individuals impersonating Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees are making unsolicited threatening telephone calls to taxpayers. They use the threat of arrest to obtain money from victims by falsely representing that the victims owe back taxes or other fees.

Please be aware that it is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for the IRS to contact you by telephone! This is a growing scam that is costing innocent taxpayers many thousands of dollars, and we have had calls to several Lanark residents already. Please be wary of any such calls, and do not give any information at all over the phone. Your best course of action is to hang up immediately, and call the Lanark Police Department at 815-493-6931 to report the attempt.

CLICK HERE and read the scam notice from the Treasury Inspector General’s Office

UTV/Golf Cart Ordinance is now in effect!

The Lanark City Council voted August 7th to pass an ordinance permitting the operation of certain “UTV’s” (Utility Task Vehicle, also known as a “side by side”) and Golf Carts on City streets, with some exceptions.

The full text of the new ordinance is available HERE.  Registration stickers are now available, and registrations are taking place. Please contact Matt at the Police Department number, 815-493-6931 to set up a time for the registration process. The process includes a brief inspection at the Police Department, and owners should ensure they have obtained insurance for the vehicle and possess an Illinois Insurance Identification Card that specifically states it is for the non-highway vehicle. Cards that only list automobiles will NOT be accepted.

Once the inspection is complete and all requirements are satisfied per the Code, a numbered registration sticker will be placed on the non-highway vehicle plus a sticker indicating the year it is valid for. With the end of 2018 approaching, the newly issued registrations will be good through 2019, with renewals due in 2020 before the vehicle is used in that year.

Please read and familiarize yourself with all of the requirements of the Code, paying close attention to where operation of the non-highway vehicles are and are not allowed. Violators of any portion of the Code are subject to be issued a citation, plus a fine, and in more serious cases, the non-highway vehicle will be impounded. Read the rules! If you have any questions, please contact Matt Magill at the Police Department; 815-493-6931.