PLEASE READ! Lead Water Service Line Replacement Program

The City of Lanark Public Works Utility is working to develop a program that will replace ALL publicly and Privately-owned lead water service lines that are connected to the public water system in the City of Lanark. We are working with the Illinois EPA with the goal of receiving grant funding that will cover all private homeowner’s costs to replace their lead service line with a new plastic line into the home.

We are required to verify residential water service line materials throughout the City over the next few months. To complete these verifications, we are asking all residents to help us by completing an inspection of their home plumbing and filling out a short survey.

Here is the link to the survey–>LEAD WATERLINE SURVEY

As an aid to filling out the survey, please look at the pictures and information HERE to help you identify your water line material.

If you are unable to perform the inspection and survey for any reason, please call Jason at 815-493-6832 between 7am and 6pm Monday thru Friday to set up a home site appointment for a free inspection of the water line material.

Inoperable Vehicle Enforcement Notice

Notice to all owners of inoperable/unlicensed vehicles in the City of Lanark:

After a relaxation period due to COVID-19 restrictions and financial impacts, it has been determined that reinstating enforcement of many of our City Codes and Ordinances that have been set-aside is now required. Vehicles that are not currently registered (Expired Sticker) will be tagged, owners notified, and if the vehicle is not removed or the registration brought current, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. There may also be an associated fine imposed upon the owner as well.

So, *please* get your vehicle registrations up to date and remove any vehicles that are inoperative from your property, or place them inside a garage. Simply moving them into your yard does not satisfy the requirements of the Ordinance. Any questions, please call the Police Department at 815.493.6931

Thank you!